Tim's Project For Mama Audy Jo

By Attila

@⁨Audy Jo⁩ Here are the following examples of questions you can ask in your interview:

1. What made you first think about becoming a ... ?
2. What do you like/dislike about your job?
3. How did you get started in this industry?
4. Did you think you would be doing this job when you were seventeen?
5. in what way are you suited to your job?

What can I do to buy a book, such as a Novel? Its my hobbies to read a Novel. So I think why can I write a story such as mini Novel. After that I got some money to buy a Novel. LoL.  So after I write one ..., another One. The Novel book its forgotten.
So I become a writer until Now. It is already four Antolgi books publish, and more on the way. And  22 Ebook already. You can check at Google Play Book and searching for Audy Jo Book.

I  realy love and enjoy to write a story. My head is full of story so  I must fast write down it fast . Like my mentor Indari mastuti said  "writing is part of the busy life, not from the rest of the busy life. 
And My another mentor Raditya Dika said "Make the story unearthed from yourself instead of waiting for ideas that suddenly come"
  I hate when  my energy wipe out after I wrote a story.

I like writing and reading when I was a Liitle, such as write a poem, maybe in fifth grade.  After that just make a simple story. 
Years ago I did not understand about creating a blog. In time  I'm getting to know blogs. In 2018  I started writing on a personal blog youcan check in Until that I always make a story and write it down in my Blogs and my Buletin

My biggest regret is why not write seriously when I was young. There is no one tell me what shoul I do. "It's never too late to do something.  While you are able now, just do it." ~ Audy Jo~

It's a fleksible time for me to when i can write down the story. But to organized my thinks I always make a time schedule. I prefer writing at dawn. "Just  write down one words and the rest God will do it."~ Audy Jo~

Love ❤
Audy Jo



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