Nefertiti The Sun Queen


Audy Jo 

Nefertiti: The Sun Queen

Read in Bahasa Indonesia: Nefertiti Ratu Matahari  

 Nefertiti was the daughter of Ay, a powerful courtier who served under the pharaoh Amenhotep III.  She grew up in the royal palace, surrounded by luxury and beauty.  She was admired for her intelligence, charisma, and grace.  She caught the eye of the young prince Amenhotep IV, who was destined to become the next pharaoh.

 They married when they were both teenagers, and Nefertiti became his great royal wife.  She gave birth to six daughters, but no sons.  She was a devoted mother and a loyal partner.  

She supported her husband's radical reforms, which changed the religion and culture of Egypt.  They abandoned the traditional gods and worshiped only one god, the sun disk Aten.  

They moved the capital from Thebes to a new city, Akhetaten, where they built temples, palaces, and gardens.  They promoted art, literature, and science.  They showed their love and affection for each other and their children in public, breaking the norms of the time.

 Nefertiti was not just a passive consort, but an active co-ruler.  She shared her husband's titles and authority.  She wore the royal crown and the uraeus, the cobra symbol of kingship.  She performed rituals and offerings to the Aten.  She led diplomatic missions and received foreign envoys.  She was revered as a goddess and a queen.  She was the most powerful woman in Egypt, and perhaps the world.

 But not everyone was happy with the changes that Nefertiti and her husband brought.  Many people missed their religious revolution, which threatened the power and wealth of the priests and the nobles.  Some of the provinces rebelled against their rule, and some of the foreign allies turned against them.  They faced enemies and conspiracies from within and without.  They also faced personal tragedies, such as the death of their beloved daughter Meketaten.

 Nefertiti's fate is shrouded in mystery.  Some scholars believe that she died around the 12th year of her husband's reign, perhaps from illness or assassination.  Others believe that she survived him and ruled as a pharaoh under the name Neferneferuaten, before being succeeded by Tutankhamun, her son-in-law or stepson.  Some even suggest that she was the mysterious Smenkhkare, who briefly reigned with or after Akhenaten.  Her tomb and her mummy have never been conclusively identified.

 Nefertiti's legacy is enduring.  She is remembered as one of the most influential and beautiful women in history.  Her bust, which was discovered in the workshop of the sculptor Thutmose, is one of the most famous and copied works of art of ancient Egypt.  It is now displayed in the Neues Museum in Berlin.  She has inspired countless books, movies, and songs.  She has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world.  She is Nefertiti, the sun queen.





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