The Breakfast Ritual

The importance of having breakfast in the morning 

Read in Bahasa Indonesia : Ritual Sarapan Pagi

Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there lived a young woman named Maya. Maya was always in a hurry—rushing to catch the train, juggling work deadlines, and barely pausing to take a breath. Breakfast was an afterthought, a mere inconvenience. She'd grab a granola bar or a coffee on her way out, believing that skipping breakfast would save her precious time.

But one day, everything changed. Maya woke up late, her alarm clock malfunctioning. She dashed out of her apartment, heart pounding, and missed the train by a hair's breadth. Frustration gnawed at her as she stood on the platform, waiting for the next one. That's when she noticed an old man sitting on a bench, savoring a warm bowl of oatmeal.

His eyes crinkled with wrinkles, but they held a spark of contentment. Maya approached him, curious. "Why do you take the time to have breakfast?" she asked.

The old man smiled. "My dear, breakfast is the anchor of my day. It's not just about filling my stomach; it's about nourishing my soul. When I was your age, I rushed through mornings too. But then life taught me a valuable lesson."

He leaned in, his voice soft. "Breakfast is like planting a seed. It sets the tone for the entire day. When you skip it, you're denying yourself a chance to bloom."

Maya pondered his words. She sat beside him, and he continued his tale.

"Imagine your body as a garden," he said. "Breakfast is the morning dew—the gentle nourishment that wakes up every cell. It fuels your brain, sharpens your focus, and gives you the strength to face challenges."

Maya glanced at her coffee cup, suddenly feeling its emptiness. "But I'm always in a hurry," she confessed.

The old man chuckled. "Ah, time. We're all chasing it, my dear. But what's the point if we neglect the basics? Breakfast isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. It's the symphony that plays before the chaos of the day begins."

He gestured toward the passing commuters. "Look at them—the hurried souls with half-empty stomachs. They're missing out on life's simple pleasures—the taste of warm toast, the sweetness of fresh fruit. Breakfast isn't just about nutrients; it's about mindfulness."

Maya listened, her heart softening. She vowed to change her ways. The next morning, she woke up early, brewed a cup of tea, and sat down to eat. The warmth of the food spread through her, soothing her frantic mind. She felt grounded, ready to face the world.

And so, Maya embraced the breakfast ritual. She savored each bite, grateful for the quiet moments before the storm. As days turned into weeks, she noticed a shift—her energy levels soared, her creativity bloomed, and even her colleagues remarked on her newfound calmness.

The old man had been right. Breakfast wasn't just about sustenance; it was about honoring life's rhythm. Maya learned that time spent nourishing herself wasn't wasted; it was an investment in resilience.

And so, dear reader, let us remember Maya's lesson: Breakfast isn't merely a meal; it's a daily celebration—a reminder that we're alive, and every morning is a chance to bloom.


*Note: The old man's wisdom is a fictional creation, but the importance of breakfast is very real. Take a moment each morning to nourish yourself—it's a gift you give to your body and soul.* 🌞🍳🥐

A short story from AI BING




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