The Magic Rabbit

The Magic Rabbit
By Gyle

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was getting back from her medical school. She was a bright and bubbly person. 
It was on monday, and the skies were filled with different colors. On her way home her stomach started to growl. She was so upset because she was feeling ravenously hungry. And not just by her hungriness, but she also got a bad score on her pharmacology test.

As she was walking down the street, she saw a feral rabbit who was bleeding in the corner. It was a dutch rabbit, a black and white combination, she had never seen one of a kind like that.

She was so surprised and didn't know what to do. But she had a feeling that said, “Oh, I can save this poor little rabbit, it won't be to much a troublesome.”

Then when she was about to grab the rabbit. Two feral labrador came to her then growled. She gasped and ran away, without thinking a second. 

She always hated dogs, especially labrador. She had a very bad traumatic experience when she was a kid.

When she was about to continue running, she stopped and said, “Oh no, what have i done … that rabbit is going to be eaten!" Then she quickly grabbed a stick and returned back to the corner. When she arrived, the rabbit was about to get eaten. The girl immediately drove away the dog with a stick, and hissed at them.

Then this girl took the rabbit with a simple cloth that she found beside the garbage bin. She took the rabbit to her house, she took care of it with a first aid kit that she found in her room. 

She immediately place a compress of clean cloth or gauze directly over the rabbit. She applies firm but gentle pressure, and allows it to clot. She waited for the bleeding to stop for about 5 - 10 minutes.

As she was waiting for the bleeding to stop, she accidently fell asleep.

She was snoring so loudly that the rabbit began to wake up.

The rabbit woke up and said, "Ugh … what is this loud noise?" And then he looked to his right. He saw a girl, with pink fluffy hair and a weird combination of hairpins. The rabbit says, "Huh it looks like cotton candy," said with a sassy voice.

He then quietly approached beside her face, then tickled his cotton tail to her nose. She woke up with a sneeze, and jumped, "O my, goodness!"

The rabbit said, "Oh, please … you were snoring loudly like a volcano that is about to explode!"

She then startled when the rabbit began to talk. She stood there for a minute with a confused face and posing like a statue.

She ran and grabbed the rabbit, "Oh my goodness … u can talk?!"

The rabbit says, "Well … yes i can, but just for this day," because its thanks to you … if you didnt help me there, i would have already be dead. Since you helped me before, i will help you too! You see i'm like a genie that can grants you anything, but i can grant you more than 3 wishes!"

The girl was filled with excitement and joy, and she accepted his offer.

In the end the girl and the rabbit lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story is that, if you help others, others will help you

Love, Gyle


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