A Couple’s Solution

Audy Jo

Tom and Audy loved Christmas, and wanted to make their apartment as festive as possible.

Tom took car and drove to a nearby mall with Audy. They look for some Christmas knick knacks to add to their decorations. 

The mall was crowded with people, who were also shopping for Christmas. There many stores that sold Christmas items, such as ornaments, candles, stockings, wreaths, and more. 

They walked around the mall, and browsed through the different stores. 

"Audy what to you want to buy?" said Tom ask about her favorite Christmas themes, and what  wanted to buy.

Tom liked the traditional Christmas theme, with red and green colors, and classic symbols like Santa Claus, reindeer, and snowmen. He wanted to buy some red and green lights, a Santa hat, and a snow globe. 

"I think the traditional Christmas theme is the best. It reminds me of my childhood, and the magic of Christmas. Don't you agree?" said Tom.

"No, i want another! I want a modern Christmas theme, with blue and silver colors, and trendy symbols like snowflakes, stars, and penguins," said Audy

She wanted to buy some blue and silver garlands, a star-shaped pillow, and a penguin figurine. 

"I think the modern Christmas theme is the best. It looks cool and elegant, and reflects the current times. Don't you agree?"

Tom and Audy disagreed on their preferences, and started to argue.

"Your theme is boring and old-fashioned. Is cold and impersonal." 

They raised their voices, and attracted some attention from the other shoppers. They realized they were being rude, and stopped arguing. 

"We shouldn't fight over this. Christmas is about love and peace, not about themes and knick knacks. Let's compromise, and buy something that we both like."

They looked around the mall, and found a store that sold a variety of Christmas items. 

There is display that had a mix of traditional and modern themes, with red, green, blue, and silver colors, and symbols like Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeer, and penguins. And decided to buy some items from it. 

They bought some red and green lights, a blue and silver garland, a Santa hat, a star-shaped pillow, a snow globe, and a penguin figurine, and left the store.

- They were happy with their purchases, and felt closer to each other. 

"We did a good job. We found a way to combine our themes, and make our apartment more festive. We are a great team, and we love each other very much. Let's go home, and decorate our apartment."

They drove back to their apartmen, unpacked their items, and started to decorate their apartment. Hung the lights and the garland on the wall, they put the Santa hat and the pillow on the bench, placed the snow globe and the figurine on the crates, and added some ornaments and candles to the trees. 

They admired their work, and felt proud of it. 

"We did a great job. Our apartment looks amazing, and reflects our personalities. We are a creative couple, and we love our home very much. Let's take a photo, and share it with our friends and family."

Tom took their phone, and snapped a photo of their apartment. They looked at the photo, and saw how beautiful it was. They hugged each other,"Christmas is coming, and we are ready for it."

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By Audy Jo 



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